Outlet Mall Guidelines Updated July 2021 (Please READ)

Outlet Shoppes Guidelines for ALL future Markets:


Please know that the following was specified by the Mall and NOT the Market, and needs must be met in order to participate at Future Events with The Outlet Shoppes of El Paso. However, If by any circumstance you cannot participate in these Markets but would like to be kept aware of other Market venues, please make arrangements with the Market Coordinator

-Set Up For The Outlet Shoppes is at 8:00am Saturday. Mall Management will not let you set up if you arrive later than 9:00 am, you will not be able to set or get a refund so please arrive on time. Times are posted on the information under each market when you select for purchase. 

- As of July 2021:

-The Market has extended hours of operation for the Summer, we will run from 10-7pm both Saturday and Sunday.

- We have eliminated the Saturday only pass, the Center Does not want to have vendors breaking down during business hours, so from now on, we will only have the Combo for both days and the Sunday which is able to accommodate the 8am set up and 7pm break down which is when the Center closes.

- Vendors Must Use Service Entrances for Set up and Breakdown whenever possible.

-Pricing for vendors has changed for both days to reflect the new lease.

-All vendors will need to be registered by no later than end of day Monday prior to the weekend Market. A list will be given to the Mall with the vendors that will be participating in the upcoming weekend.

-All New Vendors must be approved by Management in order to participate at the POP Up. If new goods are brought in they should also be submitted for approval.

-Effective immediately no food is allowed to be prepared on the premises, all goods must be prepackaged and in accordance with all Food Cottage laws. This is to support the Mall's Tenants and Food Court. Only Farmer's Market goods are accepted.


-Black Floor length tablecloths must be used in all tables.

-You will be allowed a 10x10 space only (signage must stay within 3 feet of your booth, NO handwritten paper signage allowed)

- Tents must be weighed down, no drilling or stakes.

- We are required to bring our own tables, chairs and all tables must have tablecloths otherwise we cannot set up.

-All extension cords must be taped down (let me know if your booth requires electricity)

- Vendors are required to have any required permits pertaining their business and must be up to city regulations.

- Vendors must be in compliance with any and all copyright laws.

- Mall Management must approve all merchandize before hand (please let people know when you refer them, I will check for them)

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the information contact us.